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October 1, 2012
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"(Name)-chan?" You turned towards the Japanese man next to you. The both of you were in similar positions, your legs folded comfortably and you hands gripping the video game controller. "Yeah, Kiku?" His head jerked back and forth from the large, flashing screen to your face. "Do you know if Fericiano fed Pochi today?"

You squinted at the ceiling, trying to conjure a memory of Feli feeding his pet. Drawing a blank, you sighed. As was typical of the airheaded Italian. "No, I don't think so." You replied, pressing the pause button and rising to do the chore.

Upon returning, Pochi was quite grateful by the way, you found Kiku to be missing. 'The curiosity must have gotten to him.' You think as you walk through the hallways of your house. You had invited him over a couple hours ago to try out a new game you had bought.

You found him in your room, staring at the cosplay section of your closet. "You have… An amazing correction, (Name)…" He muttered, entering your closet in complete awe. You followed him, watching as his silky black hair swayed softly as he took in the row. You had at least four different outfits and wigs, plus a couple DVDs of your favorite anime, (f/a), thrown in as well.

He continued searching, getting more excited as his inner otaku kicked in, but stopped suddenly. Confused, you look over his shoulder and immediately burned redder than one of Lovino or Antonio's tomatoes. Kiku had found the small shrine to him, hidden behind the cosplay. It wasn't as if it were huge/stalker-ish, just a few pictures of him. One with him in his kimono that he was wearing currently, one in his admittedly sexy military uniform, katana held threateningly in hand, and one of him crossplaying as a girl from an anime you don't know.

"Uh, um, Ki-"
"Why… Why do you have this?"
"I might… Kind of… Maybe…. Love…. You…"
A fierce blush spread across your cheeks, staining them red. Sneaking a peek at Kiku, you noticed his cheeks mirrored yours.

You blinked a couple times, not sure what was going through his mind. You flinched when he turned around to face you, sure that he hated you. You braced yourself for the worse. "Ai- Aisheteru, (Name)."

Before it could completely set in what he had said, a pair of soft lips was pressed against yours. Your eyes widened, but closed quickly as you kissed him back. 'This is odd. He hates physical contact.' You mused in your head.

When the two of you finally broke apart, he smiled softly, which you returned. "But I though you hated touching people? You had a full-on spazz attack when Feli hugged you." A darker blushed painted his cheeks. "You are the exception, (Name)-chan."

Inwardly, you fangirl squealed, but outwardly you only kissed him again. A hesitant hand reached behind your head and stroked you soft, (h/c) hair. You reached behind to it, pressing it softly in encouragement, and then reached to weave your fingers into the silky hair attached to his head.

Your kissing became more passionate, your faces pressed as close as physically possible. You started minutely as you felt a shy tongue poke the opening of your mouth, but opened nearly immediately. He slowly, unsurely, started to push you against the wall, pinning you, making you helpless…

"Kiku! (Name)! Where are you, aru~?!" A Chinese accent ran throughout the house. The both of you froze, tearing apart just in time for Yao to enter the closet.

"There you are! Wait, you guys are so red… Red is the color of luck, aru~!"
Warning: Lemon-scented

Request from a friend I'm not entirely sure wants to be tagged in this.

Japan is probably really OOC in this. Sorry DX :iconemoromanoplz:

Anyway, I found out that 5 pages of my handwriting=1.5 pages of Word. Is my handwriting huge?

Hetalia and Japan= :iconhimaruyaplz:
You= :iconcutejapanplz:
Fanfic= :iconoctobernyte:

EDIT: WHAT THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE Y'ALL?!? Why is this so popular?!? 10 DOWNLOADS, 18 COMMENTS, 47 FAVORITES, AND 370 VIEWS IN LESS THAT 24 HOURS?!?! It sucks and it's so short! DX Y'all are too nice. But I swear, this is my most popular work O.O
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Oh, Yao, you cockblock, you.
sunshine4584 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Student Writer
Oh my god.. The kissing always gets me....
decembercat124 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I was scared he found my Lucy H. (Fairy tail) cosplay. Lucy needs to wear some clothes and not things that bearly cover her!!!
YellowVixen Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist
china - ''MOVIE GOOD FOR ED.'' 
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Sweating a little... You must be a hello kitty fan
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